Food Tech

Products, processes and technologies focused on improving nutrition, food functionality, as well as production sustainability.

Packaging Technology

Food preservation, sustainable packaging, convenience and waste control solutions.


Technologies for the purpose of controlling the supply of raw materials, transformation, logistics and consumer relationships.


Models building high-value relationships with consumers in order to gain insight research and costumer relationships in territories in which the company has no presence.

How to apply

1. Application

We would like to meet you if you have a solution that fits any of our areas of interest.

2. Presentation

You will be invited to make a presentation before the commercial and technical team of albora®, so that we can validate the knowledge and development of your solution.

3. Business leader presentation

You will be invited to present your solution to one of the Alianza Team® business leaders in order to establish the best relationship and validation system for your solution.

4. Team Tank

You will be invited present your solution before our investment committee. We will evaluate the potential of your startup or project, and how Alianza Team® may further this knowledge.

5. Investment

We will define the investment path and method, which best suits your startup or project.

6. Follow-up

We will perform a follow up of the integration with the Alianza Team® businesses and performance of the investment plan to be executed.

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