Assessed companies and projects

From business accelerators and incubator management to world wide renowned research centers


Knowledge based pilot studies and partnerships

In alliance the different Alianza Team® divisions and businesses


Knowledge based investment

USD1,5M for greater value enhancement to our businesses and target groups


Would you like to learn more about the process?

albora® provides investment or partnership boost by identifying a strategic path of the startup or Alianza Team® research center.

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How to apply

1. Application

We would like to meet you if you have a
solution that fits any of our areas of

2. Presentation

You will be invited to make a
presentation before the commercial
and technical team of albora®, so that
we can validate the knowledge and
development of your solution

3. Business leader presentation

You will be invited to present your
solution to one of the Alianza Team®
business leaders in order to establish
the best relationship and validation
system for your solution

4. Team Tank

You will be invited present your solution
before our investment committee. We
will evaluate the potential of your
startup or project, and how Alianza
Team® may further this knowledge

5. Investment

We will define the investment path and
method, which best suits your startup
or project

6. Follow up

We will perform a follow up of the
integration with the Alianza Team®
businesses and performance of the
investment plan to be executed

 Added value

proposal for startups

Development centered
teams of chemical,
sensory and logistic labs

Industry application
for validation of
solution based scalability

regulatory knowledge for
final consumer validation

Pilot plant capacity in the
different countries in
which we operate

High-level knowledge of
market and
consumer trends

albora® team support by
fast track connection
the organization

Strategic vision advice
offered by business
leaders and divisions

Structuring of the best
investment path for
Alianza Team® integration

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