What is albora®?

albora® is a Private Corporate Capital Fund owned by Alianza Team®, established with the purpose of generating relationships with food industry disruptors by integrating them into the Alianza Team® innovation system.

How many challenges are there?

There are 4 platform challenges, published when the platform invitation is open. The four platforms areas are: Food Tech, Packaging, Traceability and Omnichannel.

What is Alianza Team®?

Alianza Team® is a multi Latin-American organization, leader in lipids, nutrition and frozen bakery, searching for ways to contribute with its experience by producing food products for a better tomorrow though value-added solutions that generate a positive impact on our customers, consumers and on our environment. Learn more about Alianza Team® here: https://alianzateam.com/en

Where can I register?

You can register by completing the form on our website albora.co/en/

We will then evaluate your venture and provide you with the next steps to take.

Can I apply from any country?

Yes, we accept teams from any country.

At what startup stage should we register?

We do not select projects according to stage. We evaluate the technology implementation potential or knowledge. So, if you have a cutting edge solution, which is able to change the status quo of the food industry, albora® is the investment fund that can add most value to your project.

Which is the minimum number of individuals per project?

A startup must have a minimum of 2 co-founders.

I have registered, what is next?

You will get an answer very soon! We will research beyond the form you completed in order to have  solid standards. Therefore, it may take more than one day to answer your application.

Please tell me about the process.

Entrepreneurs and startups interested in the program apply by means of the invitation to participate or through the form. Upon receiving the information, the program fit is evaluated as well as the Alianza Team® strategic fit. Then a meeting is held between the Alianza Team® experts and the startups in order to evaluate possible strategies for the purpose of creating an investment or partnership proposal. Upon proposal approval by the entrepreneurs, we carry out due diligence and continue with smart capital investment.

What information is needed in order to register?

As a start, we only request a brief description of the venture, the startup team and contact details.

Which is the assessment standards?

We evaluate if the projects have a lipid component, the entrepreneurial team, the business model, the unit economics, the strategic fit with Alianza Team® and the long-term vision of the venture.

How much is the investment value?

albora® invests between USD 500.000 and USD 1.000.000

Which are the differences between albora® and other similar programs?

albora® is fully committed to integration between the project and the Alianza Team® business units, so the albora® team can structure the best mechanisms for collaboration and growth in order to develop the project together with our organization

Which additional aspects could the team that obtains the investment have?

A team with complementary strengths is key. The added value of each project varies from disruptive industry technology to market knowledge.

Who will own the intellectual property of my project?

The investment that albora® performs in the ventures is minority and every project has it own terms and conditions elaborated in mutual agreement, accordingly defined and signed.

Who will be the project shareholder?

albora® will be a minority shareholder so that the entrepreneur continues to lead his/her project. That is the value Alobra pursues.

How much time should I invest in the process?

The type of work and time needed will be defined collectively. Each entrepreneur looks for different paths depending on their needs and visions.

How involved will albora® be in the process?

We are accompanying the startup during the entire process, from the moment of registration and during the process of working together.

How to apply

1. Application

We would like to meet you if you have a solution that fits any of our areas of interest.

2. Presentation

You will be invited to make a presentation before the commercial and technical team of albora®, so that we can validate the knowledge and development of your solution.

3. Business leader presentation

You will be invited to make a presentation before the commercial and technical team of albora®, so that we can validate the knowledge and development of your solution.

4. Team Tank

You will be invited present your solution before our investment committee. We will evaluate the potential of your startup or project, and how Alianza Team® may further this knowledge.

5. Investment

We will define the investment path and method, which best suits your startup or project.

6. Follow up

We will perform a follow up of the integration with the Alianza Team® businesses and performance of the investment plan to be executed.