This is Alianza Team®

20 years ago, and motivated by an ongoing entrepreneurial spirit, which is still fully intact, we decided to establish an alliance with 6 business related and leading companies in Colombia. We have, however, more than 70 years experience in the market of lipid-based products and solutions.
Today, we are a multi-latinamerican organization, leader in the world of lipids, nutrition and frozen bakery, wishing to contribute with experience in the production of food products for a better tomorrow with value-added solutions, generating a positive impact on our customers and consumers as well as on the environment. We have 3 lines of business which help us meet the different needs of our consumers and consumers, always anticipating the market: Breden Master®, Team Solutions® and Team Foods®.

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We are present in Colombia, with 4 plants in Bogota (2), Barranquilla and Buga focused on producing solution based lipids and nutrition. We have two plants in Chile, one for lipid and nutrition-based solutions productions and another for Breden Master frozen bakery production. We have a production plant in Morelia, Mexico, focused on lipid-based solutions and nutrition. In addition, we export our products to countries such as Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, Curaçao, Argentina and Bolivia.
In our mission to produce food products for a better tomorrow, we fully understand that there is no development and growth without a sustainable consciousness. In times of growth, our allies, suppliers, communities, the environment and surroundings and, of course, our team, is our greatest strength.

This is who we are, we are at Alianza Team®! A team of big dreams that works to be better for our society every day. We work hard to reach our full potential, firmly believing that with independence, discipline and commitment, we will reach the path of growth, both at personal and professional levels, always placing human feelings first.

¡Welcome to Alianza Team®, Nurturing a
better tomorrow!