What is albora®?

albora® is a Corporate Venture Fund established in 2019 and owned by Alianza Team®. albora® was established with the purpose of boosting and capturing knowledge so that the organization can generate greater value to its stakeholders.

Our aim is to address some of the great challenges of the food industry in order to solve different significant issues. We work together with startups and research centers providing direct investment and active management based on the Alianza Team® integration plans.

albora® Team

Albora®️’s interdisciplinary team led by a management team, works side by side with business units leaders and an investment committee with expert knowledge and experience in fats and oil industry.

The team has extensive knowledge and interaction within the world of entrepreneurship, innovation and research, which are all key elements to boost and capture knowledge.

We are different

albora® is a venture capital pathway to:

Active management of the development and monitoring of business plans to ensure a successful integration of the innovation project with Alianza Team®️

Share medium and long term investor risks and returns

Invest in growth strategies which boost and capture knowledge in order to increase value.

Invests in minority ownership to be temporary shareholders for a period of 5 to 7 years

How we boost and capture knowledge


Assessed companies and projects

From business accelerators and incubator management to world wide renowned research centers


Knowledge based pilot studies and partnerships

In alliance the different Alianza Team® divisions and businesses


Knowledge based investment

$3 M USD that generate value enhancement to our businesses and target stakeholders



Develops indulgent and
nutritious plant-based foods such as
egg, mayonnaise, dressings and
cookie dough


Develops foods of natural origin and
high level functionality in order to
produce an impact on the
consumer´s daily life, based on high-
level scientific knowledge
Manos Verdes

Manos Verdes

Collection system of used cooking
oil, turning it into biofuel
ECO 100

ECO 100

Protection of crops (avocado and
banana) with bio-products based on
lipid formulations


Offers logistics optimization
services of last and first stage

Technology development leading to
a sustainable alternative to palm oil
based on microorganisms

Development of micro encapsulated
prebiotics, prebiotics and
phytobiotics for animal feed